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Traditional art, digital art, photography, prose, poetry and artisan crafts.
I dabble in all of it and excel at some of it.
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I had someone ask me what I'm working on right now, craft-wise so I thought I'd post a journal for anyone else who's curious.
I'm working on lots of things at once, as is typical for me :la:
:bulletpurple:I'm crocheting an LSU-themed afghan for my dad. It was meant to be a commission for someone but they changed their mind after I quoted the price. I may still try to sell it but most likely, no one will give me what I want for it so my dad will wind up with it.
:bulletred:I'm also working on Razul for Kerrigore. He's coming along slowly because he has to be the most awesome thing I've made to date. Not because Morgan (that's her name) says so but because I say so. Ah, speaking of which, she ran away to Tumblr ( where you can see WIPs of her awesome work. She also runs an AMAZING writing advice blog ( where she gives, well, amazing writing advice :lol:
:bulletblack:I'm crocheting myself a mesh shirt from the pattern book my coworker gave me. It's coming along quite nicely, too. Next I'll have to figure out how to make myself a true fishnet style mesh shirt :la:
:bulletgreen:I'm trying to figure out a pattern to use for Mr. Sticky, Doomie's voodoo doll in the comic "Overcast with a Chance of Doom" ( by the awesome djsprockets.
Chance of DOOM #130 - Speak No Evil by djsprockets <- Mr. Sticky is in Doomie's hand in the last panel. I think it will be easier to make his details with felt than trying to color swap. The pattern deciding is hard because I don't know if I want him big and cuddly or small so that I can make him a coin purse. If I like how it turns out, I think I'll make another to send to Robert. That's if I like it. :lol: I'm so hard on myself when it comes to crafts because I've been crafting so long :P
:bulletyellow: I'm also trying to figure out who/what to make a purse of. I'm wanting to crochet myself a plushie purse and have no idea who/what to use for it. I may just make a little purple purse with a skull on it. My sister suggested Writhe or Shine from "Writhe and Shine" ( but I'm trying to use up stash yarn right now or I totally would. I only have two large skeins of black yarn and it will take most of one to make my mesh shirt and the other one plus the left-overs from the shirt will go toward making Razul, who is very white but wears all black, and Mr. Sticky. If there is enough (any!) black yarn left after I finish those projects, I may make one of those guys. Most likely Writhe because of his boots :heart:

I'll add other projects as I start on them :la:

Keep It Creepy,
FreakieGeekie :rose:

I'm not working on doll mods right now because I put them away in an effort to organize. After I clean/organize my craft stuff some more, I'll get back to them. They take up a lot of space when they're laid out to dry and I have to constantly test the clothing for them. It's very fun but a bit tedious.


Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
A little bit freaky, completely geeky. I am FreakieGeekie.

If it creeps in the night or stalks in the dark, I'm probably a fan of it. In fact, I probably think it's cute and/or cuddly.

I love horror, sci-fi, and fantasy art.
I am in love with the Goth and Steampunk aesthetics :heart:
I am a videogame junkie and have been for years. I have a working NES, SNES, Sega Genesis, PS2, Xbox, Xbox 360 and 3DS. I occasionally play Wii with my sister (the Wii is hers).
I've been drawing for as long as I can remember but I haven't really practiced so my skills stink. If you never practice, you'll never improve. But I can draw decently with a really good reference.
I love writing but I generally keep my writing to myself. I'm trying to change that because I'd like to get at least one work published some day, even if it's just a short piece in a magazine.
I love crafting and have taught myself various ones: sewing, applique, embroidery, and crochet. I'm in the process of teaching myself cross stitch.

I love reading and will read just about anything.

I am a vampire fan but the only whiny wuss vamp I like is Lestat de Lioncourt of Vampire Chronicles fame.


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That reminds me, I haven't signed on there in a couple weeks >.>
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