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About Varied / Hobbyist Premium Member Amber25/Female/United States Groups :icongeekycrafts: geekycrafts
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Traditional art, digital art, photography, prose, poetry and artisan crafts.
I dabble in all of it and excel at some of it.

Crochet Stamp by colormist

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you [insert request here] for me?
No, sorry. I don't do requests. Not unless I've known you for a while. And even then, I have to really, really like you because I'm a very finicky person.

You're cute/pretty/beautful/[blah-blah-blah]. Can you post more pics of you?/Do you have any nudes?
Thanks but flattery gets you nowhere with me. First off, I'm not a camwhore so what you see is what you get. I really don't like being photographed. The ones in my gallery were taken on a whim. Second, I don't do nude photography. Not even if you paid me. WARNING!: if you ask me for nude photos, I will most likely block you.

Can you teach me [insert craft]?
No because I'm a horrible teacher! :dummy: On a more serious note, I have a Tumblr that I intend to post tutorials to so when it's up and running, I'll post a link here. Until then, if there's something you absolutely want to learn, if you're polite about asking, I'll try to help you find a tutorial for what you want to learn. I like helping people learn crafts :)

Can I have the pattern for [insert handmade item]?
If there's no pattern named or linked in the Artist's Comment of an item, I probably made the pattern myself or got it from a pattern book. If that's the case:
If it's a sewing pattern I made, I'll try to post that to my DIY Tumblr. I'm slow and not used to Tumblr so be patient.
If it's a crochet pattern I made up, I may or may not have written it down. Even if I did write it down, it may only make sense to me. Also, if you're wanting the pattern for Pyramid Head, I didn't write down the pattern for him. Sorry! I have no intention of making him again unless I'm paid to make him so I didn't really bother to write down the pattern.
If it came from a book, unless the book is out of copyright, I can't share the pattern. Sorry!

Is [insert handmade item] for sale?
Unless it has FOR SALE as part of its title, no. Sorry! But if you really want one of something I've made, send me a note and we might be able to work something out :)
I'm featuring some original characters from some of my favorite artists.
If you'd like to be featured, leave a comment saying so. If I find artwork of an original character in your gallery that I really like, I'll feature him/her here and give a short explanation of his/her appeal to me. You have to have original characters in your gallery because this isn't for fan characters (those I'll save for a separate feature). Role-playing characters for things such as D&D, The Elder Scrolls, etc. would be an exception because you have to create characters for those games in order to play them.
Don't be offended if I don't choose to feature you and don't bash the other artists and/or their characters.
Well, unless you really want me to block you, that is :)

Mavrosh's Carraig
Been Thinking About You by Mavrosh
Mavrosh has a LOT of amazing characters so it was hard for me to choose. Eventually, I settled on Carraig, the Helmorui warrior. Unlike many elf characters you can find on DeviantArt, Carraig isn't 100% flawless in appearance. As you can see, he's missing an eye and has a large scar on his chest from his jealous sister, who was jealous of his fighting skills. If you like Carraig, be sure to check out Mavrosh's gallery. She has an entire folder of art dedicated to him.

Siobhan68's Cronachan
Winter Evening by Siobhan68
Siobhan68 is another artist who has an abundance of amazing characters. My favorite, however, is Cronachan, who is another Helmorui warrior (I love warriors; FYI: she created this race). Cronachan lives in the surface world and was thought to be murdered by an ex-lover's new plaything. He failed, of course, and Cronachan was rescued by an old healer and his daughter. Cronachan is now a surface world adventurer. (Please correct me if I'm wrong, Siobhan68!) He also has a folder of art dedicated to him :)

BalloonPrincess's Ricochet Ka-Boom!
Super Punch Action Ricochet by BalloonPrincess
Another artist with more than one great character! Ricochet is a favorite because she's an redhead. Ricochet Ka-Boom is an adorable elastic cat-girl with expansion abilities. Who needs a weapon when you can blow up your fist (or yourself!) to deliver some hurt? Ricochet is a young heroine who features in a comic that BalloonPrincess is working on called "Stretching Things"; she's the voice of reason. She's also used in BP's D&D adventures alongside her girlfriend, Plasti-Cat, and the ever-smug Princess Loonia.

LJ-Phillips' Vinegar "Vinnie" Tom
Vinegar ('Call Me Vinnie') Tom by LJ-Phillips
Like the others featured above, LJ-Phillips has an abundance of amazing characters and it was a tough choice to make! I settled on Vinnie because he's a big, tough Alpha werewolf who is really just a big softie, deep down (don't tell him I said so!) who really loves his no-nonsense psychic wife and is wrapped around his adorable little girl's finger (like many fathers are). If you want to read a comic that has a wide variety of interesting characters who live in a world filled with monsters and magic, check out LJ-Phillips' comic "Smoke, Fur and Stone", which is ongoing and available in her gallery.

These are just a small sample. More to come!


FreakieGeekie's Profile Picture
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
A little bit freaky, completely geeky. I am FreakieGeekie.

If it creeps in the night or stalks in the dark, I'm probably a fan of it. In fact, I probably think it's cute and/or cuddly.

I love horror, sci-fi, and fantasy art.

I am in love with the Goth and Steampunk aesthetics :heart:
I am a videogame junkie and have been for years. I have a working NES, SNES, Sega Genesis, PS2, Xbox, Xbox 360 and 3DS. I occasionally play Wii with my sister (the Wii is hers).
I've been drawing for as long as I can remember but I haven't really practiced so my skills stink. If you never practice, you'll never improve. But I can draw decently with a really good reference.
I love writing but I generally keep my writing to myself. I'm trying to change that because I'd like to get at least one work published some day, even if it's just a short piece in a magazine.
I love crafting and have taught myself various ones: sewing, applique, embroidery, and crochet. I'm in the process of teaching myself cross stitch.

I love reading and will read just about anything.

I am a vampire fan but the only whiny wuss vamp I like is Lestat de Lioncourt of Vampire Chronicles fame.

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