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Humans are weird
“Look what I found! It's so cute! I'm keeping him!”
Tiv'ekk cringed, wondering what new horror his human companion, Ailish, had found to be“cute”.
Several months ago, she'd insisted the Emperor of Thruaun was the “cutest thing she'd ever seen” and proceeded to ask the imposing furred biped if she could pet him.
Apparently, she wasn't the first human to do so because the Emperor had chittered in a cheerful manner and allowed her to stroke his large fuzzy ears.
The Emperor then went on to say that it was now a custom when meeting new humans to let them pet his ruff or stroke his ears because it seemed to lessen their fears. He said the humans said that he reminded them of “muscular tabby striped Totoro”, whatever that meant.
Tiv'ekk bared his teeth, what humans called “a smile” and was used to show happiness, and sometimes, he had noted, nervousness, the latter of which he was feeling right now. He too
:iconfreakiegeekie:FreakieGeekie 2 8
Egon Spengler's The Real Ghostbusters jumpsuit by FreakieGeekie Egon Spengler's The Real Ghostbusters jumpsuit :iconfreakiegeekie:FreakieGeekie 1 15 Jinx's corduroys and socks by FreakieGeekie Jinx's corduroys and socks :iconfreakiegeekie:FreakieGeekie 1 2 Dice bag by FreakieGeekie Dice bag :iconfreakiegeekie:FreakieGeekie 3 11 Lucius - the real baby by FreakieGeekie Lucius - the real baby :iconfreakiegeekie:FreakieGeekie 4 15 Lucius and Mickey Mouse by FreakieGeekie Lucius and Mickey Mouse :iconfreakiegeekie:FreakieGeekie 3 2 Lucius, Disney style by FreakieGeekie Lucius, Disney style :iconfreakiegeekie:FreakieGeekie 4 18 Jinx in jeans -WIP- by FreakieGeekie Jinx in jeans -WIP- :iconfreakiegeekie:FreakieGeekie 4 8 My Everything by FreakieGeekie My Everything :iconfreakiegeekie:FreakieGeekie 7 10 Charisma purses by FreakieGeekie Charisma purses :iconfreakiegeekie:FreakieGeekie 6 10 Bright purses by FreakieGeekie Bright purses :iconfreakiegeekie:FreakieGeekie 6 9 Nerdy Hats by FreakieGeekie Nerdy Hats :iconfreakiegeekie:FreakieGeekie 6 11 Super Mario themed coasters by FreakieGeekie Super Mario themed coasters :iconfreakiegeekie:FreakieGeekie 5 18 Crocheted newborn set by FreakieGeekie Crocheted newborn set :iconfreakiegeekie:FreakieGeekie 4 14 Team colors hat - LSU by FreakieGeekie Team colors hat - LSU :iconfreakiegeekie:FreakieGeekie 1 0 Car seat blanket by FreakieGeekie Car seat blanket :iconfreakiegeekie:FreakieGeekie 3 0
Traditional art, digital art, photography, prose, poetry and artisan crafts.
I dabble in all of it and excel at some of it.

Crochet Stamp by colormist .: Hooked Stamp :. by moofestgirl
10 inch human amigurumi
Cicero ami by FreakieGeekie
A simple ami this size will cost you $15.

If you want a doll that is totally nude (worked in a skintone of your choice) so that you, I, or someone else can make clothing for it, an ami this size is $10.
A nude doll with removable clothing/accessories will vary in price depending on what clothing/accessories you add to the order.
FIRST OUTFIT IS $5 (first outfit includes: a simple dress or simple shirt/pants, simple beanie/simple hair accessory/simple accessory (watch, removable belt), simple shoes) Each outfit after that is also $5 (I like making whole sets as opposed to just individual pieces)
Other outfits/accessories prices below:
simple dress - $4/ea
simple shirt/pants set- $4/ea set

simple beanie/simple hair accessory - $1/ea
Cicero hat - $2/ea
(you can choose different colors)
simple shoes - $1/pair
complex shoes - $2/pair (complex means tall boots (have to add snaps so they'll slide on the doll's leg) and anything with simple embroidery work)
If you want complex embroidery detailing, it will be $3/hr for the embroidery because I work by hand.

Bouquet of roses by FreakieGeekie
$10/ea, or $100/dozen

Dice bag by FreakieGeekie

Crocheted hats - adult sizes by FreakieGeekie
Plain hat/single stripe - $10 for adult, $8 for teen/child, $5 for toddler/baby/newborn

Nerdy Hats by FreakieGeekie

Mario/Luigi hat - $15 (fits smaller children)
Deadpool applique hat - $12 (looks best on adult sizes)
Pokeball hat - $12 adult, $10 teen/child, $7 for toddler/newborn

Bright purses by FreakieGeekie

A simple purse is made of rectangles or squares. Adding a fabric lining costs more (these are worked with doubled strands to make them thick/firm and a lining isn't needed unless you want one for aesthetic reasons)
Tiny purse - $5 (pink/brown sample; about the size of a man's wallet, made with a toddler in mind as it's TINY)
Medium purse - $10 (about 7" long, 5" deep, and 2" wide; estimate as I didn't have a chance to measure this)
Large purse - $15 (about 12" long, 7" deep, and 3" wide; estimate)


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Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
A little bit freaky, completely geeky. I am FreakieGeekie.

If it creeps in the night or stalks in the dark, I'm probably a fan of it. In fact, I probably think it's cute and/or cuddly.

I love horror, sci-fi, and fantasy art.

I am in love with the Goth and Steampunk aesthetics :heart:
I am a videogame junkie and have been for years. I have an NES, SNES, and 3DS.
I've been drawing for as long as I can remember but I haven't really practiced so my skills stink. If you never practice, you'll never improve. But I can draw decently with a really good reference.
I love writing but I generally keep my writing to myself. I'm trying to change that because I'd like to get at least one work published some day, even if it's just a short piece in a magazine.
I love crafting and have taught myself various ones: sewing, applique, embroidery, and crochet. I'm in the process of teaching myself cross stitch.

I love reading and will read just about anything.

I am a vampire fan but the only whiny wuss vamp I like is Lestat de Lioncourt of Vampire Chronicles fame.


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